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For years people thought that having all electronics was cool and would make our lives easier. The truth is opposite of our wishes.
Using computers and the latest gadgets are constantly demanding learning new tricks and many times, troubleshooting skills of an expert.
Well, here we are !
What we will do for you is fix your tech problems, teach you how to use computers and variety of computer applications and other tech toys (or use it better) and provide best service possible.
Support. Networking. Wireless. Anything computer
Security Camera Installation 
Virus & Malware Removal
Mac Tech Support & Tutoring

Let us install security cameras in your office or home, and have access to them online or on your smart phone wherever you go.

You can monitor your pets, protect your home, your store or your office.

Yes, you can go to Apple store and wait for hours until you get that answer. If you just switched to Mac or you are planning to, we can make the transition painless.

Yes, Macs need attention too, so for installations, upgrades or how to classes, call PCMacAVtech.

It is annoying, it is potentially dangerous and it can get costly.

We ill help you with removal,

and set the system that will protect you from future attacks but also, teach you how to safely use computers online and create data backups for you.

- in person & online , $50/hr
- to save please, use monthly plans, starting at $ 175

- you pay only if data recovered
- estimates are free (GEEK SQUAD charges for estimate ,too !!)

WIN PC VIRUS CLEAN UP , starting at $100 !!
- guaranteed clean up
- protection recommendations
- antivirus and malware apps installations

- PC or Mac network setup and cross platform setup
- new wiring and retrofitting homes for wired or wireless networks

APPLICATIONS TUTORING ( Beginners & Advanced )
- Office
- Multimedia
- transition from Windows to Mac
- in person & online classes available, $50/hr

- printers and other office machines installation
- application installation
- upgrading graphic cards, motherboards, audio cards, memory
- fresh OS installations, drive partitioning, etc

- Basic ( up to 5 hours - billed in 15 minutes increments for online help) $175
- Advanced ( unlimited online help ) $300
- In Person ( billed per hour + discounts for online monthly plans) $50/hr for local area
Computer Services